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The role of chiropractic

Chiropractic is about how your body works. It is interested in your backboneIt's about your nerves, your muscles and how they work together to keep you functioning and recovering.

The chiropractor does not offer drugs or surgery and relies mainly on his hands to adjust your backbone. He is the only non-medical therapist authorized to perform spinal manipulation without prior medical authorization. The chiropractor can also provide advice on lifestyle habits (nutrition, exercise), sleep qualityetc.). Chiropractic care is a healthy way to recover and take charge of your health in a natural way.

"More often than not, the body can heal itself if given the opportunity."

General operation of chiropractic

The nervous system sends electrical signals to different parts of the body that help control muscle movements, sensations and regulate organ function. But when this system is disrupted, people experience health problems.

Chiropractic works by looking for interference with the flow of these nerve impulses. It looks for problems in the way they send signals to different parts of the body.

The chiropractor's goal is to restore your body's mobility by ensuring that nerve impulses are restored until you can use your natural recovery and healing abilities again.

Patients turn to chiropractic for natural, manual health care.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a manipulation of the spine to correct any vertebral subluxation.

Abnormalities of the spine and joints can lead to pain, impaired body function and reduced mobility, as well as reduced nerve supply to muscles and organs, such as the entire musculoskeletal system.

The goal of chiropractic adjustments is to relieve these painful symptoms by restoring proper joint segment function and length-tension relationships within the structural components of the body to reduce the stresses placed on them and by removing the pressure on the nerve tissue that runs through these areas.

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, precise and rapid gesture that will allow the release of an area by encouraging adaptive neurological responses at all levels of the subluxation, improving nerve impulses and reinforcing the efficiency of the relationship between each of the body's organs.

Why do adjustments "crack"?

The joint, which you feel as a crack, is simply the joint capsule releasing stored synovial fluid and gas. You may also hear a "cracking" or "popping" sound, but it is not painful.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is the term used for any interference in the normal alignment of the joints.

By interfering with your body's natural state, it can cause all kinds of problems. Joints are supposed to move freely, but when there is interference, it can cause pain.

Subluxations can occur as a result of physical stress such as injury or overuse, but they can also occur without actual contact with an external force. They can also result from chemical or emotional stress.

When and why should I see a chiropractor?

Patients come to a chiropractor for a variety of reasons. Some people come because they are in pain, while others come because they want to improve their overall health. Chiropractors can treat a wide range of problems, such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain and headaches. They can also help with problems such as asthma, certain allergies and digestive disorders.

You can choose to see your chiropractor whenever you want, or only when there are signs that something is wrong. Some people prefer to have chiropractic care every three months, while others only go when they are in pain. The choice is yours!

Is chiropractic covered by mutual insurance companies?

Yes, to date chiropractic care is covered by over 85% health insurance companies.

How long does a chiropractic session last?

A chiropractic session generally lasts from 45 minutes for an initial consultation to 30 minutes for a follow-up.

Chiropractic is also:

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What does the chiropractor do during a session?

The chiropractor will usually begin by asking you questions about your medical history and current problems. The chiropractor will then perform a physical examination, which may include tests (such as checking your reflexes) to find joint restrictions or subluxations in the nervous system, and then proceed with chiropractic adjustments.

What can I expect after my first visit?

Most people feel better immediately after chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild pain in response to new stimuli, which usually subsides within a day or two. It is important to follow your chiropractor's advice regarding activity restrictions and to drink plenty of water to help your body eliminate the toxins released during the session.

Is the adjustment dangerous?

A chiropractic adjustment is not dangerous. The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to reduce pain, reset abnormal segments, promote better nerve impulses and improve the efficiency of the relationship between the organs in your body.

What are some common misconceptions about chiropractic?

There are many misconceptions about chiropractic care. Some people think that chiropractors can only treat back pain, or that they can "fix" broken bones. Others think that chiropractors are only for people who are in pain.
In fact, chiropractors are trained to treat a wide range of conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. They can also help prevent neuro-musculoskeletal disorders by maintaining the body's natural balance or alignment.

How does chiropractic help with stress?

Chiropractic can help manage stress in several ways. First, it can help improve your posture, which can help reduce tension in your muscles. It can also help release adhesions at the visceral level, which can improve organ function. In addition, chiropractic can help rebalance your chemical state and improve the quality of your sleep.

What are the benefits of regular chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care has many benefits. These include improving flexibility and strength, improving posture, relieving chronic pain, reducing the frequency of aches and fatigue, and preventing neuromuscular disorders. Regular chiropractic care also helps your body maintain its own natural balance or alignment.

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