Douleurs de mâchoire

Jaw pain

Jaw Pain FollowFollowFollow Jaw health is essential to our well-being, but it is often overlooked. An imbalance in the jaw joint, TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint, can cause problems in the...
Les douleurs de dos

Back pain

Back pain FollowFollow Back pain is a common and often neglected problem. 80% of French people suffer from back pain regularly. 31% say their pain is only partially relieved 64% are no longer looking for a solution and are waiting for...
La sciatique


Sciatica FollowNext What is sciatica? Sciatica is a common condition that mainly affects people between 30 and 70 years old. It is often caused by repeated bad gestures and postures, an injury to the lumbar discs,...
La fatigue


Fatigue FollowFollowFollow What is Sleep "Sleep is an essential part of our lives" It is not only the time when your body heals itself, but also a chance for you to revitalize and recharge after each day, especially...
La lombalgie

Low back pain

Low Back Pain FollowFollowWhat is the definition of low back pain? Low back pain is a multi-causal disorder that can affect the lower back, pelvis and buttocks. Low back pain causes pain in the lower back area. It can cause...
Le torticolis


Torticollis FollowNext What is torticollis, and how does it affect a person's physical and mental well-being? Torticollis is a medical term used to describe an antalgic neck posture and how the muscles in your neck are...
La névralgie cervico-brachiale

Cervicobrachial neuralgia

Cervicobrachial Neuralgia FollowFollow What is cervicobrachial neuralgia? Cervicobrachial neuralgia is a type of nerve damage that causes pain in the neck, arm and forearm. The pain often travels and it can be very painful...


Lumbago FollowNext What is lumbago and what causes it? Lumbago (also known as lumbar sprain, low back pain or spinal strain) is a condition that affects about four out of every four people.
Hernie discale

Herniated disc

Herniated Discs FollowNext Herniated discs are a common cause of acute and chronic pain and disability. They can occur in anyone, at any age. A herniated disc usually causes neck and back pain...
La cruralgie


Cruralgia FollowNext What is cruralgia? Cruralgia is a nerve pain of the crural (or femoral) nerve that starts at the lumbar level and radiates to the groin and down the leg. The person can feel a tugging sensation on the back of the leg...